Women let’s talk


WOMEN LET’S TALK (LOUDER) – past event
Celebrating women, beyond ethnic, linguistic, cultural, socio-economic and political borders, as universal beings at the heart of the world, during a brunch organized in honor of International Women’s Day. Set in a warm and cozy drop back, women from all over France and the world representing diverse horizons will come together to make their voices be heard in a rich symphony of diversity and celebration.
This first Women Let’s Talk, State of Being Woman serves as a platform for women to open up and confide in each other around questions such as what it means to be a female CEO today, a migrant or an expat, a woman of several hats, what it means to be a single mother, and what are the challenges of launching a business, to embark on the search for purpose and a dream job, finally what’s the real state of being happy?
Our objective: bring together women from all walks of life to empower and learn from each other, grow together and co-create projects with the aim to impact mindsets and contexts.

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