Village late talk


WEMANCIPATE VILLAGE LATE TALK (Monthly show on Instagram)

Inspired by American Talkshows.
The Wemancipate Village Late Talk’s goal is to monthly gather, a small group of 4 to 6 women (but occasionally men as well) around a cocktail dinner, to deal with topics and thematics that have an impact on women’s everyday lives, with, each time, a professional or an expert about the theme at hand.
These monthly sessions of dialogue, which will be recorded then shared across Wemancipate’s social media accounts, have for goal to create a unique and dynamic opportunity to enable women to talk freely without fear of judgement or taboos, meet new people, bond, find solutions to their problems, as well as supporting them, in a true sharing and subsidiary atmosphere.
This initiative aims to empower our guests, but also our female community and all the women who will watch our recordings.
The Wemancipate Village Late Talk also has the will to offer a part of visibility to topics too often excluded from the public space

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