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Like most people, and despite a position in International Relations at a prestigious French Business School during more than 7 years, Tessa Chatagnon-Waddell, originally from Jamaica, had been wondering about her life purpose for a couple of years. The idea to make a change and decide to jump into the scary waters of entrepreneurship came naturally in January 2017 – aligned with the burning need to find purpose and do something that has a positive impact around her. In France for the past 16 years now, Tessa comes from a matriarchal culture where she grew up with strong female role models who believed in the strength of community and helping others. In line with this, Tessa’s sense of purpose has brought her to the need to help women (and men) find their life purpose and reach their fullest potential.

And this is the idea behind the Wemancipate project!

Let’s put each of our talents and competences in to accompanying women to become champions for change.

Whatever their situation, we want to offer a platform that gives support and tools to any women seeking to embark on a new start, find her life purpose and develop new career projects.

Adeomi Chabbal, joined the adventure early in the development stage of the project. Her vision, motivation and determination are her strengths. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, she arrived in France 18 years ago and fell in love with Paris. A Life and Business Coach, she has varied experiences as an English Teacher at Novencia / ESCP. A keen listener, people have always naturally gravitated to her for help and support.
She believes that the Wemancipate project is a cornerstone in the construction (and disruption) of the mental conditioning which hinders women from reaching their greatest potential.

Our mission is to :
  • offer support to women seeking to take on a new start, find their life purpose and make the decision to develop new professional projects
  • accompany women and their families facing challenges, life changes (such as expatriation, relocation, separation) and other personal development issues
  • make coaching is accessible to any woman seeking to free her potential and develop her life project, develop leadership skills
  • connect people, and in particular, expat women (trailing spouses) and their families with the French community, affording them the opportunity to exchange and share their experiences, indulging in rich cultural exchanges, while combating social isolation.

Concretely, what is our offer?

?Our services provide solutions to Companies, NGOs/IOs, Embassies, International schools/Universities, International Sports clubs, etc. :
seeking to empower their female Managers and help them become confident business leaders
whose objective is to advocate diversity and implement actions which geared at recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of talents
recruiting talents from abroad and whose objective is to ensure their successful expatriation by providing accompaniment for the trailing spouses and the family at large.
? Our services are also for women seeking to:
empower themselves and take the leap towards change
deal with cultural integration and living in a new region /country
connect with others, share experiences and life hacks, and feel part of a community.



Integration and training programs in:
Cultural Integration
Languages & Cultures
Leadership and doing Business in France.


Coaching programs in:
Personal development and accompaniment towards change
Professional development and steps towards freelancing, starting a company, or finding a job

Consulting Services to create value, accompany transformation and promote diversity.


Wemancipate yourself!

Tessa and the Warriors Team

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